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Discover why Sweden makes for an exciting destination to create tailor-made experiences

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Explore a collection of our favourite destinations and opportunities that can be found in Sweden

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Explore the tours we offer to Sweden. Review itineraries, pricing, inclusions, exclusions & more! 

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Feeling Inspired yet? It's time to customize your own tailor-made travel experience to Sweden


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Sweden is a popular destinations for those looking to escape the norm. With its wild country, vast landscape, culture, friendly and progressive community, dive into something different. 

Sweden holds over 100.000 lakes, mountain ranges, fjords, herds of wild reindeer, and cuisine - such as the infamous Smörgåstårta. (Direct translation is "Sandwich cake" so you should probably check it out.)


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The hodgepodge of historical periods and cultures represented in the city of Lisbon is a major source of its charm. Lisbon constantly reminds travellers that Portugal has been conquered several times, that it developed (and lost) its own illustrious empire and that, for much of the 20th century, it isolated itself from the rest of the world. Today you will find restored medieval facades, wonderful art-nouveau buildings, black-and-white mosaic sidewalks and plenty of modern shops.

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The city was built along the hills overlooking the Douro river estuary, and its historical centre was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1996. It has been continuously inhabited since at least the 4th Century when the Romans referred to it as Portus Calle.Across the river from Porto proper, in the suburb of Gaia, are located the warehouses of notable companies dealing with Port Wine, such as Cálem, Fonseca, Sandemans, Kopke, and others.

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Algarve offers some of the finest beaches and recreational facilities in Europe. The white-sand beaches are clean, and the fishing, watersports and golfing are world-class. Almond trees bloom in January and February, covering the ground with lovely white petals. To add to the charm, the weather is usually comfortable, the people are friendly and the food can be excellent. There are countless beaches, small towns and historical sites to see along the Coast

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Sintra, Portugal, offers castles, palaces, formal gardens and stately homes scattered about the green hills of the area. Located 15 mi/25 km northwest of Lisbon, Sintra is near some fine Atlantic beaches.An annual music festival is held in various parks, churches and palaces around Sintra in June and July. Several charming quintas (country mansions) in the region accept guests. The Hotel Palacio dos Seteais, where Lord Byron likened Sintra to an earthly paradise, is a luxurious alternative.

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Stop for a couple of hours in this walled city to shop + walk the narrow streets. Founded by Phoenician sailors, Lagos is one of the main starting points for Portugal's first explorers. It was also the site of Europe's first slave market, established in 1441 (a plaque marks the spot, but virtually no trace of the market remains since Lagos was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755). Have a look at the beautifully decorated baroque church of Santo Antonio, the major sight of Lagos.

SAMPLE TOURS custom made for Sweden

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A Student Edu program that fits your curriculum, ticks items off your bucket list, and provides fun for all!



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Connect Sweden & Norway

Tailored towards the Solo traveler in Sweden and Norway. Meet like minded people on an adventure with Northern Lights, dog sledding, and stunning views


Customising your own Tour to Sweden

Is this destination leaving you inspired?  Let's start creating the tour you're looking for  - because every journey should be a unique experience. 

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Start building your custom tour program today. Pick and choose elements the elements you require, review pricing structure, terms & conditions, and even more  about our Canadian products so that you can are supported to provide the best tailor-made experience

Booking a Connect Solo Tour


Not an agent? That's okay! With our massive network of travel agents, you can still customise your own tour with us directly, reaping the benefits trip organizers enjoy 

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