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LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Live Webinar - Music & Performance Travel - An Exclusive Agent's G

Your Guest Speakers Ian Cowan - CEO Connection Tours Robin Deishammer - Co-Founder PDM Tourism Group

This Thursday, April 9th at 1pm EST, travel agents nationwide will have the opportunity to participate in a live webinar with Connection Tours CEO, Ian Cowan, and special guest speaker Robin Deishammer, co-founder of the UNESCO Award Winning PDM Tourism Group operating in Austria & Switzerland.

For agents looking at music & performance travel as a business opportunity for the first time, we hope you utilize this webinar as a supportive first step in embracing this highly specialized, highly valuable niche in outbound travel in an effort to grow your business.

For agents who have worked with performance & music groups extensively in the past, we hope this interactive discussion opens you up to new opportunities, a fresh perspective for 2016 & '17, as well as additional resources you might not have known could support a boost your business.

What you can expect from us on April 9th at 1pm EST

- An overview of the current potential in music & performance travel offerings in Canada - our current opportunities

- Supportive resources in an effort to create winning prospects in music & performance travel

- Featured destinations & accommodations available to us

- New opportunities in music & travel abroad - specifically Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Great Britain, and beyond.

- Sample itineraries

- An outline to your advantages & benefits through connecting with us Furthermore, by attending the Music & Performance Travel Webinar, you will gain access to: 6 Downloadable Templates - List of International Competitions [open to Canadians] - Schedule of International Festivals & Events for 2015-2017, & more.


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