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The country's history of conflict—both internal and with others—could lead you to conclude that the Vietnamese thrive on a certain degree of contentiousness. That's just not the case. Although older Vietnamese may find the pace of change somewhat dizzying, there is overwhelming support for the advances the country is making. Tourism is helping Vietnam ride the crest of that wave, and the country has become one of the best travel bargains in Asia.


Vietnam's main attractions include beautiful scenery, rich culture, beaches, delightful cuisine, courteous people, Vietnam War sites, hill-tribe cultures and ancient temples, courts and pagodas that illustrate Vietnam's shifting dominant cultures throughout its 4,000-year history.


Vietnam will appeal to adventurous travellers who are interested in Southeast Asian culture and who can maintain a flexible attitude within Vietnam's still-emerging tourism industry. A handful of luxury resorts have been built around Vietnam's major tourist destinations, offering relaxation without worry to those who desire to be indulged and pampered on their holidays



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Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam from 1954-1976, and of French Indochina for 70 years before that, is a river city. Today, thousands of motorbikes weave through the narrow streets of the Old Quarter and down the broad avenues of the Colonial District. The grand old buildings, many beautifully restored, give this city its character. Some of the historic buildings are now luxurious five-star hotels, offering a taste of colonial-era splendour, and are as much loved by the locals as they are by visitors.

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The colourful market town of Hoi An lies on the banks of Vietnam's Thu Bon River. Throughout the centuries, Hoi An has been a major port, with ships arriving from all over the world for cargoes of silk and other fabrics, including sugar, tea and ceramics. Talented tailors flock here, offering custom-made silk suits and shoes at incredible wholesale prices. Hoi An's traditional Vietnamese architecture has also been preserved, and there are many historic temples and pagodas in the area.

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"Where the dragon descends into the sea" - this area in the South China Sea, is a mystical place and in 1994, was designated a World UNESCO Heritage site. Situated only 75 mi/120 km southeast of Hanoi, you will find more than 3,000 isolated limestone peaks (known as karsts) rising straight up out of the water.  Halong Bay is now one of Vietnam's biggest attraction. Take your tour here overnight on a hotel floating hotel -  as the views at sunset and sunrise are unforgettable.

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The Vietnamese use the names Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, or simply "HCMC" interchangeably. By any name, Ho Chi Minh City is the economic centre of Vietnam, situated over 1,120 km south of Hanoi. With a rapidly growing population, new hotels, chic bars and trendy clubs, Ho Chi Minh City is enjoying a climate of prosperity and growth. The War Museum is a must see as well as the nearby Cu Chi Tunnels. On the city's doorstep is the Mekong Delta, with many markets and green rice fields.

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Hué was the capital of Vietnam during the decadent 19th-century Nguyen Dynasty, and it is still an important literary and cultural centre. The city is bisected by the Song Huong, or Perfume River (named after a scented shrub that grows there), and along its banks south of Hue lie the many and impressive tombs of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). Be sure to arrange stops at Tu Duc (an extensive site with lots of character) - or the nearby de-militarized zone.

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