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The Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, in Edinburgh, is a grand home to the nation's devolved government. It is a fitting symbol of a country whose fiercely independent spirit and culture are as strong today as they have ever been. Glasgow is an important center for architecture and design, and the annual Edinburgh International Festival, one of the largest in the world, gets bigger and zanier every year.



Even with all that urban activity, Scotland has plenty of places to get away from it all. In the Highlands, one of Europe's wildest and least spoiled areas, you can walk for hours across misty moors and clamber up and down rocky slopes without seeing a soul. A shaggy Highland cow, a thread of smoke curling from a cottage chimney or a soaring golden eagle may add to the feeling of blissful solitude. And when you're ready for company, you'll find it at friendly pubs and inns, where traditional music—and in the Highlands and islands, Gaelic culture and language—thrive.

Edinburgh Castle


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 Live storytelling, theatre, music, exhibitions, family events and workshops are happening all year round.

The John Knox House & the Scottish Storytelling Centre on The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Graves in the 18-19th century are caged to prevent robbers 

underground city & graveyard walks - most notably - GREYFRIARS GRAVEYARD, Edinburgh - is home to the best documented supernatural case in history - the Mackenzie 

 With so many resources + information, 
Scotland becomes a great genealogical centre 

Photo Credit: VisitScotland / Paul Tomkins, all rights reserved.



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Scotland's 100 Shetland Islands are only about 100 km north of the Orkney Islands, but they're startlingly different: the Shetland is a barren archipelago. The population traditionally worked as shepherds and fishermen, but today many are employed by installations associated with North Sea oil. It's a rugged land, ideal for those seeking remote and stark scenery and bliss for bird-watchers, anglers and fans of seals, otters and other sea mammals.

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Glasgow is a reflection of Scottish exuberance. Even the frequently seen rain clouds can't dampen Glaswegian enthusiasm, friendliness and civic pride. No other Scottish city has quite the same endearing grittiness, in spite of its sophistication. Drawing on a long tradition of performing arts, Glasgow fills its theatres with music, comedy and drama, flaunting the fact that it—not Edinburgh—is home to Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

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The Old Town of Edinburgh reverberates with the history of Scottish royalty and romantic literary figures. Crossing Princes Street to see Edinburgh Castle towering over the New Town is like passing through a time warp to the late 1700s. Haunted walks are offered in the evening to shine a different light on Edinburgh's history. In the summer, tourists & performers alike flock here to partake in the Edinburgh Festival—the world's biggest performing-arts festival. 

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The Hebrides is an archipelago with hundreds of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. Divided into the Inner and Outer Hebrides, they are home to rugged landscapes, fishing villages and remote Gaelic-speaking communities. the Outer Hebrides is known for having some of the best beaches in the world. Nearby, the Isle of Skye, connected to the mainland by a bridge, has a colourful harbour at Portree + jagged 3,000-ft. peaks in the Cuillin mountain range. 

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The Cairngorms National Park has more mountains, forest paths, rivers, lochs, wildlife hotspots, villages and distilleries than you can possibly imagine. 5 of the UK's 6 highest mountains lie inside the park, and there are 55 Munros - ie mountains over 3,000 ft.
Hillwalkers and rock-climbers will never run out of routes to try. Find top-class mountain-bike trails, pony treks and orienteering courses. Should you be into husky racing, well, you can do that here, too.  


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A Highland Dance Tour that encompasses performance, competition, exploration, and learning, in the place that Highland Dance was born.

Classic Highlands

Castles soaked in history, grand highland scenery, the well-loved whisky - on this tour, we’re going to show you everything that’s classically Scotland.


Photo Credit: VisitScotland / Paul Tomkins, all rights reserved.

Outer Hebrides

Historic castles, grand highland scenery, and pristine sandy beaches rivaling those of the Caribbean. On this island hopping tour, we’re going to show you the road less traveled.

A custom sample info guide perfect for small & private friends & family groups exploring Scotland - this tour includes a private driver/guide, castle accommodation, and whisky tours, among many other surprises


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