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In the name of encouraging solo travel at it's fullest, enjoy single ensuite private rooms at the same rate as our twin occupancy group rates.


We believe in engaging, learning, and most of all sharing extraordinary experiences. with like-minded solo travellers 


Travel senses are always heightened when shared and this is why we wanted to offer single travellers the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. Share your own experience with like-minded solo travellers, from similar backgrounds, of a similar age group, with a similar sense of adventure - without having to feel like you're confined to the inner workings of a group tour program.


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Welcome to the world of

(verb): To enjoy the benefits that come with group travel without having to travel like one




35+ & 50+ AGE GROUPS

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making it even easier for 35+ & 50+ solo travelers to experience the world

Who we are Connection Tours


What is The Connect Solo Project?


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Where you can go, what you can do, and all that is in between

2016 Connect Solo Programs


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Booking a Connect Solo Tour

Terms & Conditions, FAQ and Information for Travel Agents

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2016 Connect Solo Programs [Sam site inspecting Vietnam]

ABOUT US | What is the Connect Solo Project?

The Connect Solo program is a mainstay of the Connection Custom brand where our theory was simple: encourage single travellers to experience the world in a safe, enjoyable way, without the pricey overheads that come with travelling solo. 


Taking advantage of our group rates & partnered destinations, we negotiate and organize six travel opportunities per year with our partnered destinations: Britain & Europe, South East Asia, & beyond. We organize departures for two age groups: 35+ and 50+ travellers so that they may enjoy their own interests at their own pace at rates which are usually only offered to group arrangments. 


The Fully Independent Traveler - We're thinking of you!

Life gets pretty busy. We get caught up in our day to day lives and rarely make room for our ourselves. It can be difficult to organize and travel on your own - which is where we come in. We handle absolutely everything and make sure you enjoy a personal experience, as well as a social one! We will give you the opportunity to explore and discover everything you can about your destination through culture & adventure, all the while meeting like-minded individuals who are acquiring the same great group rate as yourself.


Stay flexible & use your imagination

We believe that travel is an important part of life, and it can be difficult to commit to the travel experiences we dream of. To that effect, we are also able to assist, customise, and book individual requests as you need. Should you need to leave earlier or later, let us know and we can easily arrange what you require. It's is our way of making the Connect Solo project the chance to explore the world in the easiest way possible.


Using the KISS Method (Keep it simple)

All of our itineraries & pricing include your air, & taxes, as well as your transport and accommodation. We can also organize travel insurance if needed - as well as any add-ons or changes you might have. We then quickly develop your itinerary & pricing to match your requirements.There is nothing we leave up to chance for you to calculate. We have thought of everything that you might require, (including establishing a tour manager on site) so that you can enjoy your experience seamlessly without any fuss - an experience we think every independent globe-trotter deserves!


With Connect Solo, we can finally offer you what you've always wanted to see, and whatever it is that might be, we guarantee that you'll find what you're looking for right here.

 What More Can We Organize?


  • Extensions in all destinations as well as transfers, authentic restaurants, and reliable accommodation  

  • Customised add ons or packages

  • Travel Information/maps/packs



  • Flight ticketing from anywhere in the world

  • Travel Insurance (from Canada Only!)

  • Car Rentals

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ABOUT YOU | The Connect Solo Traveler
Are you adventurous, inquisitive, love to travel (of course) and are stimulated by unique, yet authentic experiences cultures and destinations?

We have arranged our trips for two separate age ranges…but feel free to be as young as you want! When requesting a booking or more information, please advise if you want to travel with the following groups:


  • 35 Plus
    The travel experience is usually a little faster paced, a little more adventurous and a little busier at night!


  • 50 Plus
    If you want to take an easier, and a little more relaxed place, this is where you will definitely fit in.


Connect Solo 35+

This travel experience is usually a little faster paced, a little more adventurous and a little busier at night!


Connect Solo 50+

This travel experience usually takes a more relaxed pace. You'll find evenings with this group more casual & carefree

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We base our Connect Solo Tours on what we would like to share with our best friend if we were taking them around the world. All of our tours are customised and designed by our team using our long-standing partnerships & experiences in Europe, Central America, & South East Asia.  We choose the activities, the tours, the restaurants and the nightlife, as well as our local guides…and then ensure the director of the program is on site to host you when required.



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Costa Rica

The experiences to be had here are unlike any other in the world. 

Trekking, biking, zip lining, beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and so much more. Costa Rica is a natural marvel that gets your blood pumping!


South East Asia

Eastern Civilization at it's finest, discover a land that has much to offer mind and heart. Meet the real people of the land, and explore ancient temples + turquoise lagoons. This tour is booming with culture and adventure.



Explore the European sophistication of Barcelona and the majestic culture of Madrid. After our activities and visits during the day, we will take to the fabulous restaurants and entertainment in both of these exciting cities.



Between classic and contemporary, explore the major European hubs of London, Paris & on to Amsterdam - don't just see what all the buzz is about, experience it for yourself!


Scotland: Highland + History

Come and explore the nooks and crannies of Auld Edinburgh, breathe deep at the Glens + spend a night in a Castle. There is plenty of time to golf, fish or hike the hills too!


Argentina: Tango & Vino

Have a passionate side? On this Connect Solo Tour, we discover the vibrancy of Buenos Aires city, the amazing Esteros del Ibera, the Iguazu Falls, before journeying on to Rio de Janeiro to feel the energy that comes naturally with all of Brazil.

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Here is some information we'd like you to know before you get started.



Q. What's included in my trip?
Every itinerary comes with a list of what is included & excluded in your packaged price. This includes round trip air out of Toronto, all accommodation requirements, all transport within your destination, entrances & activities as specified on your itinerary, and your host on site - the very Connect Solo tour director who designed the program you're on. We even include taxes and fees associated with every aspect of your itinerary - it's all how we try to make your trip a positively seamless experience.


Q. What is excluded in my trip?
There are always items not included in your itinerary that we want you to be mindful of - and again, your exclusions will always be listed on the itinerary we provide you with. Items such as travel insurance and gratuity to the service staff are not included in your package price, however we strongly encourage that our travelers consider these as additional and crucial components in their overall experience. Other exclusions that might be applicable to you can include visas to our destination, passport fees, medical expenses, and excess baggage fees.

Q. Your price includes round trip air from Toronto - what if I am traveling from another port of call?
All of our air is quoted based on round trip travel from Toronto as Toronto's Pearson International Airport is one of the largest points of entry for many of our air carriers flying to and from Canada. If you are flying from any other port, you can expect an additional charge from the added cost of air in flying you to the destination in question. As detailed in our terms & conditions, we rely on international conventions with regards to air travel.  Individual electronic tickets may not be issued to you prior to travel due to the group nature of the flight booking, therefore, through the enrolment & payment for your trip you accept all relevant international conventions, terms & conditions as well as applicable national & international laws governing air transport.


Q. How many others will I be traveling with?
The Connect Solo concept is simple - we organize group rates for single travelers by grouping like-minded individuals on to the same itinerary. Although your experience might take on a different character than those traveling with you, you can expect a small group of no more than 15 individuals flying on the same dates, enjoying the same transport arrangements, checking in to the same accommodations, and embarking on the same experiences as listed on your itinerary. Before you travel, we will update you with some information about the group of individuals you will be traveling with - gender ratios, total numbers, & a profile of each traveler will be provided to you prior to departure. 


This is how we put together the best of both worlds - take in some private time when you wish - but always know that there are solo travelers with similar passions, of a similar background for you to enjoy your experience with. This should enhance your journey, with the real benefit being a safe & engaging experience for you to enjoy.


Q. I know this is a travel experience meant for single travelers - but may I bring a friend?
When it comes to friends, we will always encourage a 'more the merrier' philosophy. Should you like to bring a friend, we welcome it. Should you like to share a room with your traveling companion we will go the extra mile by providing you and your friend with a total trip discount on top of our already heavily discounted programs.


Q. What if I am younger than the 35+ or 50+ age brackets? How about if I am significantly older than the 50+ age bracket?

We welcome travelers of any age bracket, and can design a relatable program with other age groups in mind. However, should you feel comfortable traveling with a group of either 35+ or 50+ travelers, we will welcome you with open arms. If you would like to see a Connect Solo program committed to your age bracket, send us an email, and let us know. 


Q. How can I find out more about my accommodation on this trip?

We work directly with all of our accommodations in the destinations we travel to. We choose the accommodations based on the number of travelers, time of year, & availability. We partner with the tourist bureau of each destination we work with to ensure we are connected to a variety of unique & small sized accommodations. We site inspect every property on offer, searching for quality, character, and a uniqueness that will not only enhance the trip but  will become its own highlight in and of itself during the experience. Bed & breakfasts, castle stays, light houses, tree houses, and oftentimes many extraordinary, unique hotels between 3-4**** ratings are some of the offerings you can come to expect on our programs. Oftentimes we will make our hotel list public - however we can ensure you receive your updated hotel list direct within 21 days of departure. 


Q. Will there be any changes to the itinerary once I've booked my program?

We have put a lot of time, effort and planning into producing our itineraries. The information given & literature produced by Connection Tours has been compiled with care, published in good faith. Although changes do not occur often, it can happen – and these are due to circumstances well out of our control. To compensate, we can assure you that alternative activities will be arranged. If you are already booked on an itinerary, we will update you should any changes occur. If you have not booked the program at that point, please go back to the proposed itinerary we have posted online - any changes will be updated here.


Q. Will I be receiving any more information once I've booked my trip?
Absolutely! Our Connect Solo passengers can expect a package which will be mailed to their home address no later than 21 days prior to travel. This package will include your invoice; e-ticket if applicable, hotel list, as well as a map kit & guide pack that will go through your itinerary step by step. You will also find a contact list for your guide & director of the program. Lastly, you will find a luggage tag, name tag, and an information sheet about the like-minded travellers who will be embarking on the same journey with you. 


Q. How can I book this tour? 

Contact your local travel agent and ask them to get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you do not have a local agent, you can reach out to us directly via email or toll free at 1-877-449-4652. We require a non-refundable deposit of $300 CAD to hold your space. Payment for your remaining balance is due no later than 60 days prior to departure. To learn more, please see our Terms & Conditions.


Q. How secure is your booking process?

Connection Tours has been operating outbound tours to Europe, South East Asia & Central America for over 28 years. In all of the destinations we partner with, we must fully comply with their local tourism policies & requirements. Your money is held in a Trust Account until the time of travel to comply with Canadian Travel Industry Regulations. Connection Tours is a member of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario [TICO] and as such must adhere to all of their laws & regulations which set out to protect consumers booking travel from operators based in Ontario.


Booking & customising your CONNECT SOLO TOUR

Are you looking to book on a Connect Solo Tour?  Let's start booking and organisng the tour program you're looking for  - because every journey should be a unique experience. 

Booking a Connect Solo Tour

Pick and choose elements the elements you require, review pricing structure, terms & conditions, and book and/or customise the Connect Solo Tour program that will work best for your clients.

Booking a Connect Solo Tour


Not an agent? That's okay! With our network of travel agents, you can book your Connect Solo tour with us directly. You'll receive the same benefits trip organizers enjoy + peace of mind for having an assigned travel agent to support your goals


To keep up to date with the latest destination information & resource

Connect Solo for Travel Agents

Are you a Travel Agent?

Call or e-mail us directly to recieve access to our agent log-in which features a one-stop shop for all the necessary information you need to know in regards to working with our Connect Solo program.


  | phone: 1-877-449-6266

  | email:



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