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Connecting with iconic communities

Connect your students & travellers to local communities of the same age and specialty, and discover a common ground. Work with aspiring musicians with a like-minded passion and understanding. This is where true learning and development are inspired while your students create meaningful partnerships in the destinations we touch. 

Connecting with communities
Behind the scenes opportunities

Behind the scenes opportunities 

Explore behind-the-scenes at famous concert venues such as the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. Aspiring musicians & performers can be granted access to a variety of music academies, including behind the scenes group interviews with faculty, directors, and students. 

Specialized festivals & events

Specialized festivals & events

Experience special events like the iconic Military Tattoo  in Edinburgh, Scotland -with breathtaking views from the walls of Edinburgh castle, witness a truly amazing performance that showcases music, dance and display from around the world.  Or perhaps the Chamber Music Festival  in Lockenhaus,  Austria - claimed by the New York Times as "the most refined music festival of all time"

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Iconic Locations & Live Audiences

Iconic locations & Live audiences

New international performance opportunities with guaranteed local audiences (1:1 or 1:2 ratios). Perform for local communities, schools, churches, cathedrals & iconic venues such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, or the Schoenbrunn Castle in Austria.

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International choir & band exchanges

Enjoy a choir exchange for the day: Exchanges with internationally recognized specialists, schools, and musical societies is an important addition to our programs. Whether your group wishes to connect with England, or Wales, Italy or Austria - we can connect you with the communities that can enhance your traveler's passion & curriculum.

Choir & Band Exchanges
International Workshops



Rehearse with professional instructors in the areas you visit, or enjoy a choir exchange for the day. Exchanges with internationally recognized music specialists, schools, and musical societies is an important addition to our offering. One memorable example? A personal workshop with the Centre for Yong Musician's head instructor at the Morely College of London, followed by a traditional pub dinner. 

Social Service Opportunities

Social Service Opportunities

Work in a social service or community based project on your program. Provide your music & performance skills as a beautiful therapy tool for specialist schools, retirement homes, and hospitals in the local communities we touch. If you're up for something truly unique and inspiring participate in either reforestation projects and castle conservation - including castle rebuilding using traditional tools & methods. 

Flash Mob Performances

Flash Mob Performances

A personal favorite to the Connection Tours team - creating magic moments for unaware tourists in iconic attractions around the world is a special experience. With us, it is possible to create a special "impromptu" performance in places like Stonehenge, or the Salisbury Cathedral. We've even been known to organize a flash fiddle & dancing performance in the traditional pubs of Ireland, Wales & Scotland.


Our variety of accommodation options can make travel attainable for any type of group. You have the ability to stay within your budget and still retain your creativity by choosing unique accommodation for your groups when needed. Why not stay in a local university dorm, a family owned campsite, or overnight in a real castle? The beauty in customizing your program with our team means you can work within the budget you have without compromising the unique experiences on your journey.

Perform Internationally

Perform Internationally 

What more can we really say? 

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